Toys for Tots in 7th Grade!

Bob Hendersonschoolnews

7th grade toys for tots

Seventh grade students in the Living Skills 7 class are learning about child care and how they might use those skills in caring for younger siblings, neighbor children, or children at other events.   Often called “babysitting,” students discuss how children learn through their play time. The learning elements of “physical, fine motor, intellectual, social, and emotion skills development,” are reviewed.    Students are required to make a “homemade” toy from common household items, bring the toy to class, and discuss the learning elements, any safety hazards, and what age the toy might be most appropriate for.

Pictured above are Trent Bjerke and Tatum Benson with their homemade projects.  Trent made an “activity center” board out of different latches mounted on a finished wood board.  Tatum made an “activity box” from a shoe box covered in fabric and filled with different toys inside.  The students learn that the core of a paper towel tube is 1.75 cm and is the size guide for children under the age of three and choking hazard toys.  Tatum included a paper core in her activity box.  At the conclusion of the Child Care unit, students that achieve a high score on the final exam and complete all the assignments, receive a “certificate” for being a licensed babysitter.